Is Your Business Listing Helping or Hurting You?

Are your Business Listings Hurting or Helping you?
Your Business listings exist on the World Wide Web whether you want them to or not. Unofficial pages on Facebook, Google, and more. So you can either pretend they don’t exist or claim them and stop them from hurting you.
The most common errors are inconsistency with the NAP (Name, Address, Phone) on the listings throughout the directories. It must be the same. Why? Google cares for starters. That alone should make it worthwhile to a business to ensure their information is correct and updated regularly. Beyond Google, your potentials aren’t finding you if they don’t have the correct information.
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This will give you actionable items your business can fix if listing issues are found with our assistance. We manage the listings and make the inaccurates–accurate, as well as help you get Reviews–another huge plus for SEO of your business!
Because the bottom line is–if you do have errors, they are hurting your SEO. Ultimately that is hurting your business. Don’t miss out on customers, run a free scan, see the results, if you need assistance–contact us.